Drought Termite Management: Pest Inspection Done Right

Pests are a dangerous hazard for your houses and offices. They are persistent little creatures that can cause a lot of damages to you property wise and health wise. Brisbane is an area which is abundant with pests, especially termites. These creatures are disease carrying vectors that can cause serious health hazards for you or anybody else that inhabits the space. Apart from the health risks that pests possess, they are also bad for properties, as many of them destroy properties and cause serious structural damages that require extra expenditure to get fixed. In order to keep your house or commercial space free of pest infestation, it is very important to conduct periodic pest inspection. The importance of pest inspection Pest inspection is one of the most important processes that needs to be undertaken before investing in a new house or commercial space, and maybe required to be done over a periodic interval in order to ascertain whether the pest problem is completely eradicated or not. It is a step which is vital in order to figure out whether the space that you are investing in has any pest problem. This helps you protect the property that you are investing in and therefore is not a step that you should forego. Moreover pest inspection should be conducted over a periodic interval if there have been earlier cases of pest problems. As has been already mentioned, pests are persistent creatures and may return over time; hence this periodic inspection is required to protect the property that you have invested in. The methods and process involved in pest inspection
  • Inspection methods – The primary inspection method that is involved in pest inspections is visual inspection. This process may take an approximate period of 1-2 hours depending upon how large your property is. The visual inspection that is performed by your pest inspector includes all the areas of your property including the external as well as the internal areas. Visual signs of pest damage, activity or colony formation are ascertained by this visual inspection. Areas like sub flooring, wall cavities, wall linings, roof cavities are also inspected as these are the ideal hubs for pests owing to their damp and cool conditions. Other accessible areas like foundations, ceilings and floors are also inspected thoroughly in order to get a proper idea about the pest situation on your property. Visual inspection also includes the inspection of plumbing and pin holes in walls, ceilings and floors which are usually used by insects as entry points.
  • Process – The process basically involves three stages which are the assessment stage, identification stage and the recommendation stage. The assessment stage includes the complete evaluation of the property and identifying the areas which require assessment for pest related activities. After having discovered pest activity it is essential to identify the type of pest that inhabits the place, the level of activity and a thorough inspection of the habitat. Depending upon the level of pest activity that has been identified, a suitable treatment process is recommended in the recommendation stage.
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