Drought Termite Management: The Most Common Pests That We Treat

Brisbane is the home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It has a warm and humid tropical climate. Although a beautiful place to live in, these kinds of conditions are also ideal for pests to live and thrive. Homeowners in Brisbane are troubled by many such pests and require the help of pest control professionals to help them with the menace. Common Pests in Brisbane Some of the most common types of pests found in Brisbane have been enumerated below:
  • TermitesTermites are the most common kind of pests found in Brisbane. These creatures, also known as the white ant strive and live in sub floorings, ceiling linings and wall frame linings of modern homes. Since these places are made of timber, it makes for the ideal hideout for these devious little creatures. Termites chew through timber and any material made out of cellulose. They are capable of causing serious structural damages and if not treated early can cost you a lot more in property repairs. Termites usually live in colonies and hence it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of your property in order to locate and destroy this colony to avoid the return of these little beasts over time.
  • Cockroaches Cockroaches are one of the oldest pests that the world has, and Brisbane has all varieties of these red devils. These creatures thrive in moist and humid spaces, close to a food source. They breed rapidly and in large numbers and can prove to be a real menace.
  • Spiders – Spiders like the Redback is common in Brisbane and can be found in rubbish piles and garden sheds. The female variety of this species is incredibly poisonous and needs to be eradicated from your properties. Other varieties include White tailed spiders, Funnel Web and Hunstman spiders. These usually thrive in burrows, leaf litter or garden beds.
  • Ants – Ants usually live in colonies and a large variety of ant species is common in Brisbane. These creatures become a problem when they start looking for food and moisture and transporting them from your households or offices by creating a large chain of transport ants.
  • Rats and Mice – The Black Mice is the most common in Brisbane. Apart from being highly destructive to property and food, which they usually chew through, they can also spread diseases and bacteria through their excreta.
  • Silverfish – It is a nocturnal insect which usually lives in linen cupboards, roofs and carpets. They are wingless insects that are capable of chewing through linen, sugar, paper, flour, glue and other fabrics.
  • Fleas – Fleas are creatures which lay eggs on carpets, pets and lawns. These are health hazards and should be treated as pests. Blanket spray is one process to eradicate these little troublemakers.
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