Experts In Residential Pest Control: Drought Termite Management

Your homes are the places that you spend the majority portion of your lives in. It is the place that houses your loved ones and your children. It is the place where your toddlers play and grow up. Having a safe and comfortable home is the first and foremost priority for any homeowner. Pests can often prove to be a terrible problem for any house. A place like Brisbane, Australia is plagued with pest infestations and residential pest control can often prove to be a major concern for most homeowners. Finding the best suited professionals to deal with these disease carrying vectors is the toughest job as far as residential pest control is concerned. What makes Drought Termite Management the best solution? We at Drought Termite Management are fully licenses to deal with residential pest control problems in and around Brisbane, Australia. Our professionals are completely equipped to deal with any kind of pest problem including termites, rats, fleas, mice, cockroaches, silverfish and ants. Our professionals use the most modern techniques and state of the art treatment plans (all of which are industry approved) in order to remove these undesirable critters from your homes. Most homeowners are unknown to the techniques that are required for proper pest control. Our many years of experience in the field allow us the insight and the expertise to tackle these situations and use the proper insecticides or pest treatment plans to eradicate the problem that you are facing. We also provide test treatment products which are environment friendly, when they are available. Depending upon the nature of pest infestation that your house is facing our professionals will provide you with an aggressive or subtler approach to deal with the pest situation. Some of the common pests found in Brisbane Brisbane is home to a wide range of beautiful flora and fauna. However, owing to this tropical, warm and humid climate, it is also home to a large number of pests, which if allowed to fester, can prove to be a nuisance to most home owners. Some of these pests include:
  • TermitesAlso known as white ants, these pests can chew through wood and cellulose. They are usually found in 1 out of every 4 Australian homes.
  • Cockroaches Brisbane has a wide variety of these little creatures. They usually come out in the dark and hence cannot be easily detected.
  • Silverfish – Silverfish are another variety of nocturnal pests which feast on linen and other household items like wheat, flour, glue etc. They are usually found in cupboards and roofs.
  • Mice and Rats – Brisbane is home to the dangerous kind of black rats which are known to be vectors of dangerous diseases.
  • Ants – A large number of this species is found all throughout Brisbane and can prove to be a household menace.
Techniques that we use to eradicate pests The methods used by us include:
  • Organic Methods – Floating row covers, pheromone traps, sticky traps, oil sprays, bacillus thuringiensis, insecticidal soap and parasitic nematodes.
  • Natural Methods – Using organically made pesticides, cleaning the gardens and using mulches.
  • Biological Methods – These include the introduction of various types of predators like parasitic wasps, bees, insects into the environment in order to eliminate the pests.