Pest Info – most commonly treated pests


There are hundreds of species of cockroaches in Australia including both native and introduced species. Thriving in warm, humid climates, infestations in Queensland homes are very common where ever they can find moisture and a food source. Rapid breeders, cockroaches can become a very real pest very quickly.


Redback spiders, the female of which is high dangerous, build nests in dry, sheltered areas such as garden sheds, rubbish piles etc. Other species such as Huntsman, Funnel Web and White Tailed spiders thrive in leaf litter, garden beds or in burrows. Removal of spiders varies with each species and level of infestation.


Ants are a community based insect that live in nests. Ants and their nests vary in size depending on the species. Ants generally become a problem when they are foraging for food or moisture when a large number of ants can converge to gather to transport the food back to the nest. Treatment will depend on the species and the position of the nest.


Silverfish are nocturnal, small, soft and wingless insects often found in the roof, linen cupboards and carpets. Feeding on a large variety of items in the home including flour, paper, glue, linen, sugar etc and can chew holes in stored linen and clothing.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice can transmit a variety of diseases to humans via fleas, bacteria and droppings. Along with causing damage through knowing on wood, wires and fixtures, they can destroy vegetables, fruits and crops.


There are many varieties of fleas in Australia and can become a big problem very quickly when eggs hatch on pets, carpet, lawns etc. Treatment is done through a blanket spray in the house and the surrounding lawns.

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