Altis Treatment Brisbane

We have gone to some trouble to source what we believe is one of the most flexible and adaptable reticulation systems available. This system is easy to install, attracts low installation costs and is ideally suited for upgrading post construction termite management programs as well as pre construction and renovation termite work. The Altis reticulation system, which is an Australian invention, has been in hiding since 1992. It was the first Reticulation System approved by the NRA and the first Reticulation System to be included on a chemical label. Altis has been one of the first reticulation systems to obtain Codemark approval.

Benefits of the Reticulated Termite Rechargeable System Over Traditional Liquid Termiticide Barriers

  • Is suitable for both pre and post construction
  • A replenishable Termite Management System that is quickly and easily installed, pumped up and recharged at a later date.
  • System is re-injected periodically (when required) not annually.
  • A long term, cost effective alternative to other forms of Termite Management
  • Whole of Home Protection for the ‘Life of the Building’ (system maintenance conditions apply)
  • Provides ‘Whole of Home’ protection and not structural timbers only
  • Is a Primary Termite Management System and not just a secondary Termite Management one
  • Has the necessary ABCB Certification and/or CSIRO Approvals. Which has now been superseded with the new Codemark system which Altis has proudly achieved.
  • Eliminates exposure & disruption to site contractors, the home owners/tenants when termiticides are applied or reapplied
  • Eliminates EPA concerns in relation to potential spray drift during termiticide application
  • Reticulation systems provide a perfect partner with new environmentally acceptable termite control agents available today to minimise impact of the total system on the environment.

These systems are based on providing a contained system of termite control within the footprint of the house. In addition, as new termite control agents are developed which are even more acceptable in the environment, reticulation systems are capable of delivering these new products throughout the life of the home.

Approved reticulation systems offer the capability for accurate control of termite control agents into the underslab and perimeter of a new home.

Altis is constantly being tested and upgraded.

The most recent landmark is CodeMark certificate of Conformity – the certification covers the following BCA (Building Codes of Australia) clauses:

1. Volume One: BP1.1 and BP1.2 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)
2. Volume Two: P2.1 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)
3. State Additions: Volume Two: QLD P2.1.1 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)

The Altis System Unique Points Of Difference

Many systems are on the markets which have a simple hole drilled into the pipes, but Altis has scientifically designed and regulated delivery points (emitters) which ensure the correct amount of chemical is delivered to all areas being treated.  Termites only require a hairs breadth of untreated soil to make their attack.

Have Emitters that ensure grit from soil will not enter, or termites do not make their entrance into the pipe through simple holes. Recent tests using a non-repellent termiticide show that over a 50 metre distance there is complete and even distribution over the entire length of the system.  No other system can match these results.

To further ensure even spread a perforated plastic sheet of builders membrane is employed so that there are two methods that contribute to distribution. Because the Altis pipe is a flat section pipe there is no impression on concrete slabs which can weaken the slab.

The Altis pipe cannot crush as it does not start life as a round pipe.

Altis has a favourable engineer’s report confirming that Altis operates effectively in CLAY even if clay subsidence occurs. Should there be any question of the soils ability to absorb chemical or as extra precaution where circumstances require, foaming techniques can be applied.

The Altis system is simple to install which is important in the elimination of onsite mistakes.

Altis has recently trademarked Purple in Australia when used in an Anti-Termite irrigation or reticulation system due to association of the colour with Altis. This is appropriate because the colour when used in normal irrigation shows water that is not drinkable, which is the same in our industry.

The purple colour identifies the Altis pipe as high density, flexible, resistant to solvents used in Termiticide, manufactured in the unique flat section that fills out under pressure, with emitters which evenly disperse emulsion under low pressure.

NOTE: All materials have been tested to the world wide recognized American Standard testing system for resistance to solvents and long life of 50 years plus under soil.

Materials are largely Australian made pipes to our own formula.

And above all we are a long established company with stable management and hundreds of thousands of successful installations since 1995.

Australian conditions range climatically from snow in the South to intense tropical conditions in the North and include exposure to 300 varieties of termites, 15 of which can cause damage which is economically significant.

Why Is Reticulation The Best Termite Management System?

  • Chemicals kill termites, but have a limited life whereas reticulation allows constant replenishment for 50 years.
  • Reticulation (particularly ALTIS) ensures that accurately designed rates of chemical are applied evenly. Traditional hand spraying achieves haphazard results and is not permitted by some local and/or some States of Australia.
  • Reticulation greatly decreases exposure to chemicals being pumped after construction is complete
  • Reticulation allows for the treatment to be replaced/recharged with no disruption and no unsightly excavation or drilling.
  • The cost benefit over time is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and trench retreatment.
  • Advances in chemicals can be utilised throughout the life of the system.
  • Can be used as a complete system to new constructions with pipes below the floor and around the perimeter or on established buildings can be used as an external perimeter only to subsidise other termite control methods and add convenience of maintenance.
  • Maintenance is much more convenient for the customer when pump up of new chemicals occur only as little as two conveniently placed fill up points.

Builders And Concretors Advantage

  • Builders do not need to make special accommodation in the preparation of the construction and concreters are not held up due to the speed at which an Altis system can be laid by a practised installer using pre assembled materials.

And because the Altis pipe is a flat section pipe there is no impression on concrete slabs which can weaken the slab.

The System’s Maths

Checking the systems performance is easy, because of the simple “Mathematics” of the system.

  • The emitter ribbon (tape) is fitted with EMITTERS @175mm centres.
  • The Emitters are rated @ 3.6 litres per hour @ 96.5 kpa (14psi)
  • Therefore: each metre of ribbon (tape) delivers; 1000/175 X 3.6 = 20.57 litres per metre @ 96.5 kpa.

Are you over applying costly Chemical?
Check the label rate and use the mathematics’ of the Altis System to deliver the correct rate and get the true benefits of non-repellent termiticide. Too much kills too quickly and will deter termites from entering the treated zone. The costs and environmental concerns of over applying termiticide are overcome.

Application Rates

  • For all profiles the treatment rates are as per the label at a rate of 100 litres per cubic meter of soil or for the Horizontal surface at a rate of 5 litres per square metre.
  • Installation can be checked by “Mathematics'” to ensure the system is operating as designed.
  • For all profiles the treatment rates are as per the label a rate of 100 litres per cubic meter of soil.
  • To calculate this : width X depth X length = (volume) X 100 L. = volume of mix.
  • All measurements in metres. Eg. 0.15 X 0.1 X 100m = 1.5m3 X 100 L = 150L


The revolutionary Altis system is an environmentally friendly and safe way to apply chemicals beneath your building. Chemicals are applied following the pouring and curing of the slab.

Advantages Include:

  • No spray drift which may endanger workers, occupants or pets. The system eliminate the need for “open air hand spraying” thus eliminating the risks of airborne exposure of termite control agents away from the target application area, and reducing exposure to site workers and neighbouring properties as well as water courses and waterways.
  • The injection process allows for re-application of termiticide at any time in the future. As new improved chemicals become available, retreating can take advantage of the latest advances.
  • The risky and disruptive practice of drilling and injecting slabs to overcome breaches into existing homes can be hazardous to both the pest controller and the householder. The end result is often unsightly.
  • Re application, as the need arises, then becomes a simple operation which requires no disruption and will not require drilling or trenching. The cost of retreatment is also greatly reduced compared with the cost of drilling and trenching.

Quality Assurance

Altis has achieved the highest standards ratings available in Australia – standards that are highly regarded worldwide – proof of our commitment to quality. We continually engage in testing, research and development in order to maintain and improve our standards and product.

For products to be CodeMark certified they must be functional, reliable, practical and economically sound according to the designs, performance and installation are independently reviewed and evaluated, with additional testing and factory and construction site audits. CodeMark certification is administered by the Australian Building Codes Board and is an internationally accepted process that complies with the Building Code of Australia to offer superior home protection.