Bayer - Kordon & Premise
Bayer – Kordon & Premise

Termite treatment with Kordon and Premise

Subterranean termites cause extensive damage to Australian properties. Anyone owning a house or commercial building must take swift action to manage losses experienced from this destructive pest.

Managing Termites at a global, national and local level

Termites pose such a significant threat in Australia that Government Building Authorities demand new buildings are protected during construction, managing the risk to conventional cellulose based structural materials.  The Building Code of Australia calls for protection of all structures that utilise termite susceptible materials in their design.

Bayer has developed an industry-leading solution, KORDON Termite Barrier, used extensively across Australia to protect homes.  Kordon Termite Barrier contains deltamethrin, an effective active ingredient that not only kills termites on contact, but is also a powerful termite repellent.

Kordon was developed in Australia and is proudly manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. Importantly, Kordon is licensed and endorsed by ‘Australian Made’.

How does KORDON work?

When professionally installed during construction, KORDON forms an impenetrable barrier for subterranean termites. It prevents movement between the soil and cellulose-based building elements.  This forces termites to build mud shelter tubes in the open and move around the barrier.  Engage in a program of regular inspections by a qualified Timber Pest Inspector and KORDON will provide a lifetime’s protection against concealed subterranean termite entry.

What can I use to treat infestations around the home?

Another Bayer termite treatment is the highly effective insecticide Premise, which has been very efficient across Australia despite difficult conditions.

Due to the natural foraging behaviour of subterranean termites and their prolific presence in Australia, implementing control management strategies surrounding structures is essential to reduce the pressure from this pest.

Australian Standard 3660 series calls for the management of subterranean termites in the environment up to 50 m from the structure.  Premise is ideal for the management of subterranean termites, offering incredible flexibility and a high mammalian safety profile, it delivers consistent results that Professionals can count on.

The most efficient termite killing zone

When Premise is applied continuously to soil areas abutting a structure, it forms a unique killing zone that is deadly to subterranean termites.  Termites are completely oblivious to the active in Premise and unwittingly enter treated areas.  Then, they generously pass on the active to other colony members, magnifying the overall insecticide effect.  We call this the Domino Effect and it is the main reason why Premise performs so well.

An outstandingly flexible termite solution

It’s an extremely flexible solution that is registered:

  • For use through termiticide reticulation systems
  • For use on subterranean termite activity found above ground such as a nest or bivouac
  • To be applied as a foam to identified termite damage in housing timbers
  • For use on nests located in trees or mounds
  • For the control of Dry Wood Termites

Dry wood termites don’t move from soil into structures so a conventional barrier has no effect on this group.  They must be located in their habitat and directly inject Premise into the timber galleries and workings.

The Bayer Promise…

Bayer Environmental Science has a large range of products for the Professional Pest Manager, providing comprehensive solutions to your customers pest needs.  All come with the full backing of the Bayer group and with a complete satisfaction guarantee – the best guarantee you will never need.