TERMseal Treatment Brisbane

Building Perimeter Protection

Across Australia varying construction methods are employed. Many processes are dictated by council regulations, geographical location and or terrain type. The versatility of TERMseal products allows for superior protection against Termites for any construction scenario, from the conventional to the unusual.
TERMseal offers three main barrier systems:
TERMseal Ura-Fen Major Perimeter System: our premium barrier which provides the absolute highest level of Termite Protection possible.
TERMseal Ura-Fen Shield TWB Perimeter System: our unique tri-layer sheet barrier which not only provides Termite protection but is also tested and approved by CSIRO for use as a termite/Damp-Course barrier combination for installation across cavities, or as a termite/vapour barrier combination for full under-slab installation.
TERMseal PRM-Active: see our ant capping section.
Ura-Fen Major Perimeter System Ura-Fen Shield TWB Perimeter/Full under Slab Barrier

TERMseal Penetration Collars

TERMsealâ„¢ Penetration Collars are manufactured from ABSGP 22 UV Stabilized plastic. The composition of the product has been NATA tested at 81.6 D shore hardness and complies with Australian Standard AS3660.1. This represents the manufactured collar possessing qualities of strength and hardness without being brittle.
TERMseal Penetration collars have been appraised by CSIRO and when installed, comply with AS3600.1-2000.
Available for service penetration diameter sizes of 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm.
Service Penetration Protection

Ant Capping

‘Bearer and Joist’ construction is often employed for building residential and commercial structures.
TERMseal PRM Active is recommended for use in these situations. Designed to withstand the rigors of building movement as well as providing combined Termite and damp-Course protection, TERMseal PRM Active is the perfect choice of product in ant capping protection.
PRM Active Cord & Capping Strip

Backfilled Wall Protection

In both residential and commercial builds, walls that are going to be backfilled often require protection against water ingress as well as termite protection. In the past two separate trades were required which added cost and time to the build, without knowing if the two individual procedures combined will be efficacious in the long term.
TERMseal have resolved this issue by developing TERMseal Multi-Purpose Active, a highly engineered acrylic polymer based liquid that forms a seamless, flexible, Termite resistant and waterproofing membrane.

This means that all facets of protection can be achieved in one hit:

  • engaging and organising only one company to provide the protection
  • reducing construction time frames
  • reducing costs for protection
  • knowing the product has been independently tested and approved for use in this manner and meets all the relevant Australian standards.

Other unique uses for this type of protection include:

  • Basement or subfloor areas to be converted into lined living areas
  • Posts, poles, bridge timbers, wharf timbers or any type of timber where protection against Termites and moisture is required.

Multi-Purpose Active

Construction Joint Protection

Construction or control joints of various types – used to allow building movement or to join two or more construction methods together – have cracks or voids which can allow concealed entry of Termites, undetected.
TERMseal offer 2 products and varying processes to deal with these high risk entry points to give you piece of mind that adequate, long term protection against Termites has been installed.

TERMseal Sealant Active
Multi-Purpose Active